Belleview United Methodist Church
Live Out Faith * Serve with Love * Change Our World

Before the town of Belleview was incorporated or named, the Rev. Ames held worship services in his home in the early 1880’s. After the town hall was built, the Methodists alternated use of the building for services with the Congregationalists. The Belleview Methodist Episcopal Church was formally incorporated in the Town Hall on March 2, 1886 with 6 members present. For a time, the Belleview Church would become part of a four point circuit with Spring Park, Welshtown, and Candler. While those churches no longer exist, the bell from the Spring Park church sits in our bell tower today. 

In 1899, the congregation purchased property across the street from Lake Lillian and a sanctuary was built. Over the years additions were made to that property including a fellowship hall with kitchen facilities, indoor bathrooms, and two educational buildings. The last educational building was built in 1960 and dedicated as Hanson Hall in honor of the town’s only doctor, who also served as the church treasurer for over 17 years. A parsonage was also constructed in 1962 in the Coral Ridge Subdivision.By 1970, the congregation had outgrown its facilities on Lake Lillian and had no more room to build. Plans were made to purchase property across SR 484 from Belleview Elementary School. The old complex of buildings was sold to the Nazarenes and now houses Belleview’s Lighthouse Ministries to mothers and children. The congregation moved into its present location in 1977 with the existing sanctuary and office wing. The fellowship hall was built in 1979 and the educational building was added in 1993. Additional parcels of properties have been purchased throughout the years, including 4.5 acres of woods and four houses. One house was torn down to make room for parking, while two others serve as our Food Pantry, our Thrift Shop and another is used for storage. 

In 2009, we welcomed our first female pastor in history. And in March 2011 we celebrated our 125th Anniversary as a congregation with weekend of activities. Friday March 4th we hosted a free spaghetti supper and bluegrass concert with Backwater. Saturday March 5th we held a picnice at Lake Lillian with free food, games and music. And Sunday March 6th we celebrated with one combined worship service and welcomed back seven former pastors of our congregation to participate in worship: Rev. Don Corbit, Rev. Don Dial, Rev. Fred Gardner, Rev. Jim Gayler, Rev. Tom Gensel. Rev. Jon-Marc MacLean, and Rev. Duane Zoller.                  

In 2011, we began an annual event known as Church Has Left The Building where we spend the Sunday near Valentine's Day out int he community doing various mission projects. In 2012, we purchased a mini-bus for ministry and also began an Advent Conspiracy Fund at Christmastime - raising $5,000 to build a well through Living Water in Innamukula, India. 

In 2015, BUMC received a new pastor, who has a passion for reaching out to the community through simple acts of kindness.   New outreach activities have been added to the already rich ministries already operating at the church.