Belleview United Methodist Church

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Come as you are.

Here are Belleview UMC, we invite you to  come as you are.  In worship, you will find people dressed in all ranges of attire, from jeans and shorts to dresses and suits - it just depends on what you are comfortable with.

The 8:30 service has a casual feel with a praise band featuring contemporary  music.  We celebrate the Lord's Supper weekly in this service.

 Our 11am service is a traditional service with a robed choir and familiar hymns and a choir anthem.  We  celebrate the Lord's Supper the first  Sunday of each month.  

In both services, we use technology for projecting the song lyrics, as well as Scriptures, sermon notes and other congregational responses in worship. Every worship service incorporates a time of prayer where we can share prayer concerns and praises. There is also a Young Disciples' Time up front for the children and youth in our traditional service. 

Please join us for a Sunday School class  that meets in between the two services  at  9:40am.  There are three classes for adults to choose from in addition to children's classes.  Information is available at  the  Hospitality Table.  

For Parents of Children

A nursery is always provided during worship, for children under five years of age, and is staffed by Ms. Jody Moore. Ms Jody has years of childcare experience and has been fully background-screened. The nursery is located in Room 105 (in the hallway between the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall). For those children who will be remaining in the service, “busy bags” are located in a bin to the left of the sanctuary entrance. Each bag has paper, pencils, crayons and other toys to help keep children entertained. 

100 - Office Wing

101 - Business Office
102 - Library
103 and 105 - Nursery
104 - Administrative Office
106 - Pastor's Office
107 - Visual Arts Ministry200 - Fellowship Hall

201 - Kitchen
202 - Main Hall300 - Sunday School Building

301 - Youth Room 
302 - Classroom
303 - Classroom
304 - Classroom
305 - Classroom400 - Sanctuary Building

401 - Choir Rehearsal Room
402 - SanctuaryType your paragraph here.